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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Suman nearly 100 suicides

Ciudad Victoria , Tamaulipas - . Tamaulipas have registered a total of 91 suicides this, although it is in the month of December each year when the greatest number of cases of people who seek their own life is recorded.

Juan Héctor Ortega Juárez, Head of Mental Health recognized that the Christmas and New Year so cause people severe emotional shock that makes them take this difficult decision thereby causing this season increase the number of people who are removed life into their own hands .

" During the month of December is when most cases occur because due to the nature of the holiday season people enter a state of emotional shock , leading them to take his life," but I trust that in this 2013 decrease number of suicides .

The official from the Ministry of Health in Tamaulipas recalled that in 2012 127 suicides, a figure similar to that recorded in 2011 were recorded , however , felt that in this 2013 the figure could be less as the date add up total of 91 cases

"In the first two years of the administration brought a numeral of 3.8 suicides for nearly 100 thousand inhabitants, below the national average of 4.4 and we expect this year, according to the trend and behavior , we hope to walk down from 3.4 per hundred thousand inhabitants , "he said .

Finally , he said that the disorders most often occur in Tamaulipas are : affection, by different anxiety, phobic disorders, childhood and eating behavior also said the trend of medical consultations Centers Mental health is in the order of 7-8 percent

Underwriters; champions in complaints and abuse

Cd Vcitoria , Tamaulipas. - Auto insurers are champions in abuse and complaints from consumers who have submitted to the National Commission for the Defense of Users of Financial Institutions , CONDUSEF - all - a string of anomalies committed by insurers ranging from repairs half , using used auto parts and decrease in the number of insurance payments .

In announcing the above Juan José Espino Ascanio , federal delegate Condusef in Tamaulipas, complaints must is in proportion to the total carrying registered in the year that is ending :

" If we 're going to the figures at least 10 percent of 26 thousand complaints are against insurance , ie insurance are 700 complaints , whose companies are accused of all sorts of anomalies ."

It says the recommendation to users who handle insurance, which are set well in the general insurance conditions and the time of signing the contract with the insurer to see the amount for which will insure your car to match the value.

" It is vitally important to review what they are signing , match what was offered by the insured, check the amount of the insured , among other things because when an accident is signed policy which make them valid " ended .

Schools lack basic infrastructure

Ciudad Victoria , Tamaulipas - . Tamaulipas schools lack basic infrastructure to impart lower class , says Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Education in the State Congress.

Rogelio Ortiz Mar said to have knowledge in the towns of Reynosa and Altamira are some schools made ​​of wood , which does not cover children in this winter season .

"Not only in rural but in the cities there are schools that have these needs primarily new schools we are doing in the towns of Reynosa and Altamira not have the right to face these weather conditions."

In this vein said "there is in all municipalities schools with classrooms wood , which have either the roof or do not have a receipt so that children are well protected from the cold , and if I believe in all communities and regions have these problem. "

As requested education authorities and parents that generate or seek the necessary mechanisms to address this demanded more now with the low temperatures that have occurred in recent weeks .

As chairman of the education committee , made ​​a call to both the federal government and the state's education secretary , sent recueros these schools to make the best relevant .

" From here I appeal to the Secretary of Education of Tamaulipas and the federal authorities to send resources to these schools because many needs you have."

Find town optimize waste management

Ciudad Victoria , Tamaulipas - . Victoria City Council seeks to improve the collection, management and disposal of waste generated by the population.

According to the externship by Mayor Alejandro Llano Etienne from next year a program in coordination with the civil association "Hold " which seeks to provide a better waste management to start.

Explain the " basically consists of three stages , the program will first diagnosed in the best areas of opportunity to improve service utilization by redesigning , engineering Victoria would be the second stage of recovery will be identified studies and the third step is to stop walking program , implement the program designed " .

The problem of waste management is a latent coming years , so that together with the state government and civil partnership specializing in the art work on this project.

"We're seeing the problem of solid waste and its disposal , and had knowledge of this civil association and we asked them to join the project you want to start here in Victoria to optimize garbage collection, this hand of the State Government , has been a special concern of the governor Egidio Torre Cantú Tamaulipas to have a sustainable " .

" This will be special emphasis on the separation of recyclable materials and non-recyclable , there will be a separate collection , ie , in a few days they will collect the recyclables and other days not recyclable and development of products ," he said .

In this context Etienne recalled Llano currently recovering from an 8 to 10 percent , ie , recycled and what is sought is to upload it to a 18 or 20 percent.

This amount currently recyclable waste is removed to the inherent benefits would double , conserve renewable and nonrenewable natural resources, and to generate jobs .

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Think positive and avoid pessimistic formulas

Thinking constructively allows us to see the good side of events and open our emotions to life.

This is why it is so important that we learn to develop a constructive thought. The researcher Seymour Epstein in his book Constructive Thinking: The key to emotional intelligence.

We speak of two systems of thought:

1. - The rational intelligence (CI)

Two. - Experimental Intelligence: Based on the experience of emotions and covers three types of intelligence (Emotional, Social and practice)

Constructive thought is the thought of experiential intelligence is related to job success, physical health, emotional adjustment, success in personal relationships and greater overall life satisfaction.

Constructive thought generates emotion, is the mediator between the events of our lives and feelings. We know that our thinking is the fundamental key feel when something or other, in short, that determines our feelings.

Being a positive thinker is not that difficult. It seeks to identify and bring order to our thoughts, positive and negative, to get the most out of them.

Identify your automatic thoughts

If someone criticizes your work, pay attention to what you say to yourself (I've insulted) to mental images that arise in your head ("I made a fool of everyone") and how it influences your feelings (" I'm a mess, I'm useless ")

Identify your secondary thoughts

There are other automatic thoughts that follow and are a consequence of the first: "I'll pay" or "may not have been an insult" or "I have to improve"

Identify your behavioral responses

Your behavior depends on what you thought: You can insult who criticized you, work harder, do nothing ...

Identify your sensitive areas

Are you out of control situations and an indication that your constructive thinking is bad (fear of rejection, failure)

Avoid pessimistic formulas

to achieve develop constructive thinking positively flowing into your life, you should try to avoid pernisiosas formulas in which people often fall pessimistic:


It's making a mountain out of a molehill. Ask yourself if what happens (or anticipate consequences) are as serious as you suppose.

Categorical thinking:

All or nothing, black or white, good or bad.

See the challenges and threats

If you feel fear or anxiety about anything, you might miss many of the opportunities that life provides.


To assume that what happens in one or more situations will always happen


Apply labels to people or events, and then act as if they were accurate


Take it personally; assume without justification that are the center of attention of all, no one is the navel of the world.

The tyranny of "should"

When you feel bad because you think things are not as they should be. You can accept reality by changing what you can or torment and depressed

Negative thinking:

Interpret events paying attention only to the bad side, you can always find something positive

Naive optimism:

Positive Thinking exaggerated and unrealistic that involves thinking that everything will work forever and that nothing bad can happen

Validate any feelings

feelings do not reflect reality, but our interpretation of it, that may be correct or incorrect.

Suppose intentionality

It means to assume that when people do something that hurts your feelings intended to do

The scapegoat

Looking for something or someone to blame for your discomfort

Hasty conclusions

based on inadequate evidence. the more exalted are, the more your mind will be discarded rational and constructive