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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Suman nearly 100 suicides

Ciudad Victoria , Tamaulipas - . Tamaulipas have registered a total of 91 suicides this, although it is in the month of December each year when the greatest number of cases of people who seek their own life is recorded.

Juan Héctor Ortega Juárez, Head of Mental Health recognized that the Christmas and New Year so cause people severe emotional shock that makes them take this difficult decision thereby causing this season increase the number of people who are removed life into their own hands .

" During the month of December is when most cases occur because due to the nature of the holiday season people enter a state of emotional shock , leading them to take his life," but I trust that in this 2013 decrease number of suicides .

The official from the Ministry of Health in Tamaulipas recalled that in 2012 127 suicides, a figure similar to that recorded in 2011 were recorded , however , felt that in this 2013 the figure could be less as the date add up total of 91 cases

"In the first two years of the administration brought a numeral of 3.8 suicides for nearly 100 thousand inhabitants, below the national average of 4.4 and we expect this year, according to the trend and behavior , we hope to walk down from 3.4 per hundred thousand inhabitants , "he said .

Finally , he said that the disorders most often occur in Tamaulipas are : affection, by different anxiety, phobic disorders, childhood and eating behavior also said the trend of medical consultations Centers Mental health is in the order of 7-8 percent

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