Auto Box Insurance: Underwriters; champions in complaints and abuse

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Underwriters; champions in complaints and abuse

Cd Vcitoria , Tamaulipas. - Auto insurers are champions in abuse and complaints from consumers who have submitted to the National Commission for the Defense of Users of Financial Institutions , CONDUSEF - all - a string of anomalies committed by insurers ranging from repairs half , using used auto parts and decrease in the number of insurance payments .

In announcing the above Juan José Espino Ascanio , federal delegate Condusef in Tamaulipas, complaints must is in proportion to the total carrying registered in the year that is ending :

" If we 're going to the figures at least 10 percent of 26 thousand complaints are against insurance , ie insurance are 700 complaints , whose companies are accused of all sorts of anomalies ."

It says the recommendation to users who handle insurance, which are set well in the general insurance conditions and the time of signing the contract with the insurer to see the amount for which will insure your car to match the value.

" It is vitally important to review what they are signing , match what was offered by the insured, check the amount of the insured , among other things because when an accident is signed policy which make them valid " ended .

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