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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Find town optimize waste management

Ciudad Victoria , Tamaulipas - . Victoria City Council seeks to improve the collection, management and disposal of waste generated by the population.

According to the externship by Mayor Alejandro Llano Etienne from next year a program in coordination with the civil association "Hold " which seeks to provide a better waste management to start.

Explain the " basically consists of three stages , the program will first diagnosed in the best areas of opportunity to improve service utilization by redesigning , engineering Victoria would be the second stage of recovery will be identified studies and the third step is to stop walking program , implement the program designed " .

The problem of waste management is a latent coming years , so that together with the state government and civil partnership specializing in the art work on this project.

"We're seeing the problem of solid waste and its disposal , and had knowledge of this civil association and we asked them to join the project you want to start here in Victoria to optimize garbage collection, this hand of the State Government , has been a special concern of the governor Egidio Torre CantĂș Tamaulipas to have a sustainable " .

" This will be special emphasis on the separation of recyclable materials and non-recyclable , there will be a separate collection , ie , in a few days they will collect the recyclables and other days not recyclable and development of products ," he said .

In this context Etienne recalled Llano currently recovering from an 8 to 10 percent , ie , recycled and what is sought is to upload it to a 18 or 20 percent.

This amount currently recyclable waste is removed to the inherent benefits would double , conserve renewable and nonrenewable natural resources, and to generate jobs .

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